MedicAlert Jewellery

One year’s FREE MedicAlert membership and sponsored medical ID jewellery for your child!
We are proud to announce our new project, which will provide free MedicAlert membership and £20 jewellery credit for over 240 children living with heart conditions.
We’ve teamed up with The Medicalert Foundation, with thanks to a fund from The National Lottery Community Fund to help protect those with underlying medical conditions. Medicalert helps by keeping your child safe in emergencies by ensuring that care decisions can be made based on their individual needs.
Heartline Families is able to sponsor the first year of MedicAlert membership for 247 children, which has a value of £32. To support this, both Heartline Families and MedicAlert are providing £10 credit each (£20 in total) to be used against the child’s choice of medical ID jewellery.
Simply complete the form below to claim yours now.
You can request a code any time between now and before 1st December 2020.
A unique code will be sent to you by email and you will able to use for one free year’s registration with Medicalert and against jewellery up to a value of £20. You may pay the difference if you choose jewellery above this value.
We regret that we will not be able to refund and existing orders.
Please do not share your unique code, this is for single-use only.
Duplication of the code may result in it being voided.