Cerys Climbs a Mountain for Heartline

Cerys Climbs a Mountain for Heartline

All the way up Snowdon; not ‘a walk in the park’ (well, yes we know it is a walk in a National Park, but not like my local park in London) and a great achievement for (now) 10 year old Cerys.

Cerys Snowdon walk May 16 3

On Saturday it was pouring with rain in Snowdonia (what a surprise!) so Cerys could not do her sponsored walk as planned and had to stay at home. But on Sunday at 7 a.m. the weather had cleared and Cerys set out on behalf of Heartline in thanks for the support given to her cousin, Aiden, who has CHD.

You can see that there was a little cloud hanging around as always but Cerys was able let go some Heartline Balloons, in the sunshine, to launch her walk and let people know about Heartline.

Well done Cerys and thank you to you and all who sponsored you. A Happy 10th Birthday too! From all Heartline Families. x

Cerys Snowdon walk May 16 1