Members Warned About Fraudulent Phone Calls

Members Warned About Fraudulent Phone Calls

Heartline Families has issued a warning after members were targeted by a fraudulent phone call claiming to be from the charity and offering tickets to a Heartline Ball.

One member was contacted and asked to buy reduced price tickets to a ball at The Ritz.

The charity has confirmed that they are not hosting a ball and there are no plans to in the near future.

The police have been informed and are looking into the calls.

Heartline offers the following advice: “If you receive a call, from a person claiming to be from Heartline and trying to encourage you to buy tickets or requesting payment details, please contact the police or call Action Fraud on *0300 123 2040 or their website. Can we also request that you, please contact us to let us know.”

*03 phone numbers cost the same as a call to local landline phone numbers, even from a mobile phone. So by calling Action Fraud on 0300 123 2040, you will not have to pay over the odds for the call. Only public bodies and not-for-profit organisations are allowed to use a number beginning 030.