Reading Schools Children Helping Children

Reading Schools Children Helping Children

The following Reading Schools have raised an amazing £1232.20 for Heartline Families by holding a sparkling concert at the Hexagon in Reading in March.

St Finian's perfoming Wicked

It was a captivating evening with amazing talent on display and some touching moments. It was all put together by a hard working team of staff and volunteers.

There was a happy bustle in the corridors and restaurant as everyone came in and prepared to perform or be entertained, which we certainly were. I set up a small stand to show what Heartline Families does and it was fun to be in the middle of so much activity and anticipation.

St Finians Fire of London

There were scenes from Chitty, Chitty, Bang, Bang done with great humour and innovative ideas, lively street dances and professional ballet. We heard some beautiful singing and masterful playing of instruments of all sorts.

It was a wonderful evening and a fantastic effort to raise so much for Heartline.

So a very big thank you to all involved at:

Christ the King, Reading

Blessed Hugh Faringdon

Geoffrey Field Junior School

St Finian’s (see them in Wicked above)

St Martin’s

St Paul’s

The Ridgeway

Whitley Park

New Christchurch



18th August 2016