Recruitment of Trustees and Volunteers


June 2016

Our current Board has a Chair and seven Trustees.  Although we represent a range of expertise we are always looking for additional skilled individuals, both to add to our fund of experience, and to bring their own area of expertise.

We would also be interested in volunteers who have regional contacts – perhaps with business or public service – so that we can better represent our families throughout the UK.  We are also hoping to find volunteers who can bring energy and goodwill to bear on the work we need to do –maintaining websites, advising on translation, benefits, education, and transition – for more information please contact Chair

We have successfully recruited a Treasurer Trustee. We are delighted to welcome Carl Roberts as our new Treasurer. For more information on Carl please see Meet the Team.

 (All candidates for roles with Heartline will need Disclosure and Barring Service checks.  Trustees use Telephone Conferencing, and work from home.)

Volunteers to Help us Continue our Provision of Services

We are looking for volunteers to set up a fundraising network around the country so please do get in touch with Mehul if you are willing and able to help us in this important project.

Mehul Nathwani has taken on the Fundraising trustee role, including recruitment of volunteers, and may be contacted on

Volunteers for Leadership at Activity Weekends

If you are an adult with a congenital heart condition, or the parent of a child with a heart condition, and have experience in  youth leadership activities, we are looking for people to help out on activity breaks with the siblings of heart children, and with heart children – please contact Chair of Heartline for more information