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If you would like to register to become a Heartline Family (officially known as Associate Member) please contact

Benefits available to Associate Members:

  • - A copy of Heart Children: a practical handbook for parents free of charge,
  • - Subsidised caravan holidays,
  • - A free wetsuit for your heart child,
  • - Apply for a place on an activity weekend for your heart child or sibling,
  • - Registering as a Heartline Family allows you membership of the Forum but you need to apply for a personal username and password should you wish to join the Forum and access this secure part of the site. This is only available to Families with a child with a heart condition.
Please note: Participants in the Forum are responsible for, and agree to the sharing of, the information they disclose on The Forum, but all posts are moderated to ensure that this is not abused.

We shall be very grateful if you would keep us updated of any change in your contact details. You can do this simply by emailing Intouch as above.

Heartline Families will record the information you give us in our database. We will not share your personal information, without your express permission. If another organisation or family is seeking information or support from a family such as yours, we will contact you to ask if you would be happy to share your telephone number or email address with that person.

You may request that your details be withdrawn from the database at any time. When a child reaches the age of 16 years they have the right to have their information withdrawn from the database.

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