The Forum

The Return of the Forum

The Heartline Forum is relaunched….

The Forum is set up in as secure a way as we possibly can to ensure that information and discussions are available to those who need to and wish to share information to support each other in a time of need.

In order to make the most of both the website and the Forum we need to populate both with information and the website with stories about how your wonderful heart children have coped with whatever comes along. The content will be a mixture of support and encouragement, links to useful sites and sharing our services in much the same way as we do with the newsletter.

(However, in the case of the website it is an even more public forum and contributors must be comfortable providing personal information and agreeing how it may be used. It will also be an access for our supporters to see what we are doing and to donate time or services or money, as they so wish.)

To sign up for the Forum you must be registered with Heartline and then you can apply at the same time for a login to The Forum.

You need to be a full member to access the forum. Please follow the register to become a member process or if you would like to register to become a Heartline Family (Associate Member) please email intouch

Please talk to Val Thubbron about the set up of the Forum on Family Support

Please talk to Mehul Nathwani about information and stories for the new website on Fundraising