Become a Volunteer

Do you have a good knowledge of children’s heart conditions?  Our trustees run Heartline and are involved with day-to-day activities.  If you would like to become involved as a trustee please contact Chair of Heartline for further details.

If you are an adult with a congenital heart condition, or the parent of a child with a heart condition, and have experience in  youth leadership activities, we are looking for people to help out on activity breaks with the siblings of heart children, and with heart children – please contact Chair of Heartline for more information

Our Volunteers

We thank all our volunteers for keeping our services on track and making sure we achieve our objectives, but here are just a few and what they do for us:

  • Kevin Ford plays a major role in advising and being leader of the PGL activity holiday break for heart children. We are hugely grateful to Kevin and to his family for letting us have so much of his time.
  • Annette Jackson, Sharon Brooks, Rosie and Mark Freeman have served us well as PGL holiday break leaders for heart children and their brothers and sisters over several years.
  • Sheila Pickard ran the bookings and maintenance of the two caravans for two years. David Pickard picked up his tools and did many maintenance jobs that kept our families safe.   We are hugely grateful Sheila and David.
  • Nicola Garbutt has taken over the caravan bookings from Emma Dargie.   Nicola can be contacted on:
  • Tim Fairchild and the team at Bison Grid are helping us with the website development project and Gary Frost of Frost Creative has done some fabulous design work for us
  • Nick Mutton of XL Telecom provides Heartline Families with our telephone incoming number and service free of charge – thank you so much Nick.