Who we are and what we do

Welcome to Heartline Families
your Heartline supports children with heart disorders and their families, whatever the condition, wherever it is treated.

If you would like to register (free) to become a Heartline family
(Associate Member) please complete the form below

Once you’re registered you can:

  • Get a copy of Heart Children: a practical handbook for parents free of charge,
  • Book a subsidised caravan holiday,
  • Order a free wetsuit for a chilly heart child,
  • Apply for a place on an activity weekend for your heart child or sibling,
  • Heartline Families who would be interested in a Boating Holiday may apply to The Bruce Wake Trust via their website here.

Heartline Families on social media

We provide an online Facebook group for parents to discuss issues. The group is private and by invitation only (you will receive an invite once your membership has been processed).
There is also a public Facebook page www.facebook.com/heartlineuk and
Twitter account www.twitter.com/heartlineuk.

‘Heart Children’ , a comprehensive handbook primarily for parents but widely used by clinicians, is provided free to our families, and sold to other charities and hospitals throughout the UK, and has been in print since 1979.

Our award-winning dental booklet is provided free to hospitals to give to families, as good dental hygiene can limit the likelihood of the heart disease known as ‘endocarditis’.

To encourage active family lives we provide wetsuits to heart children so they may take part in swimming, often the only physical activity they can enjoy.

Heartline has two caravans to provide holidays for hard-pressed parents and their children who might not otherwise be able to take a break.

We provide weekend activity breaks for heart children and, separately, their siblings to help them gain independence and physical confidence.

We have a membership of over 3000 Families to whom we provide this support.

Hundreds benefit from wetsuits each year, 24 children take part in our carefully supervised activity weekends, potentially sixty families may enjoy a holiday in our caravans. These all give rise to heart warming testimonials on the difference it has made to each Family’s well being.

We offer bereaved families a place to remember their child in the Heart of Stars constellation.

Contact with our registered families is maintained through social media, newsletters and an annual review.

The ability to provide information and support and to reach out to Families is the most important aspect of our work and often overlooked. All this is done by Trustees and Volunteers.

For further information, please contact us