Wetsuits for Heart Children

Wetsuits are available only to registered Heartline Families who have a child with a heart condition.

Children with heart conditions often have very poor circulation and can’t maintain their body temperature when swimming, even in heated pools. As swimming can be a safe form of exercise for children unable to participate in sports, a wetsuit can be a big advantage.

Offering wetsuits from baby size (0-6 months) upwards allows parents to feel confident in getting their child involved. And Heartline knows how difficult it can be to find wetsuits locally, and how quickly children can grow out of them!

If you are a Heartline family in need of a wetsuit please complete the form below


If your child has a heart rhythm problem, check with the cardiologist before taking him or her swimming – a few types of heart rhythm problems can become dangerous when a child enters the water.

Size – Try not to order too far ahead of the first intended use of the wetsuit, as your child may have a growth spurt.

Under 4, your child’s current clothes size is a good indication of the best fit for a wetsuit, unless he or she is big for his or her age.

When the wetsuit is delivered please email intouch@heartline.org.uk

or if  your wetsuit hasn’t arrived within three weeks of your submitting this form, email so that we can sort it out quickly..

We would love to have pictures of children benefiting from their wetsuit to show our kind donors how much they are enjoyed!