Information Leaflets

Heartline Produces the following leaflets:

Heartline Dental Leaflet our award winning leaflet look at the reasons why oral health is so important for children with heart conditions. It provides facts, figures, tips and information – essential reading for parents.

Everyone’s favourites Baby Bill and Growly Bill are popular colouring booklets for young children who want to know that even very young bears can have heart conditions, and slightly older bears need to make trips to outpatients for heart tests. These booklets are helpful in explaining the sometimes worrying processes and procedures at hospital.

Heartline Dental Leaflet

Trustees, Natalie Persoglio, Denise Hadow and Linda McQuaid went with Hazel Greig-Midlane and Davvid Pierre van Wyk, the producers of the Dental Leaflet, to the BMA Patient Information Awards Ceremony, having been Highly Commended but having no strong expectation of an Award. Category after category went by with wonderful examples of Patient Information getting awards. The Self-Care category came up and lo and behold Heartline Families won the Runner Up Award for Self-Care Information.

Collecting the award at the BMA Sept 2015

If you have a child with a heart condition and would like a copy of the leaflet, please join Heartline by going to Register with Heartline and we will send you one with your joining pack.

If you are involved in Health Care Services and would like to obtain some copies for a small fee, please email complete the form below.