Activity Weekends for Heart Children and Siblings

We are running two PGL Activity Projects in August 2016 at Boreatton Park, Shrewsbury for 12 heart children aged 9 to 17, from 29 July to 1 August and for 12 brothers and sisters of heart children—again aged 9 to 17, from Friday 5 August to Monday 8 August.

We have spaces available so, if you have a heart child or his or her sibling who would benefit from such a weekend, sign up now by contacting Intouch to request an application form.

Activity photo HC

The cost of the three night break is covered by Heartline, including activities, accommodation, food and insurance.

The breaks are organised through PGL, the market leader for activity holidays.  Their policy is to help children to take their first steps towards independence and give them the opportunity to build self-confidence and make new friends. We believe this to be an incredibly valuable opportunity for heart children.

Each break the children will be accompanied by experienced Heartline parents. We have worked with PGL at Boreatton Park for several years. We reviewed our experience with them and conclude that they are aware of Heartline children needs and are experienced providers.

Children and young people choose activities within their limitations from a wide range including abseiling, archery, arts and crafts, balls sports, climbing, circus skills, cycling, fencing, kayaking, kite making, motor sports, orienteering, nature trails, snorkelling and swimming.  There is a qualified leader for all activities, and your child’s safety is always of paramount importance.

To qualify and apply for a place for your child you must be registered with Heartline Families. You can join Heartline Families by emailing Intouch and ask for the registration form to join Heartline. It will speed things up if mention in the email that you wish to join so that you can apply for your Heart Child or his or her Sibling to go on an activity weekend. We do need to check every application to be sure that the applicant is qualified and physically capable of taking part.

DH 24/4/2016