Your child’s hospital visit – there is now a national survey

A new patient experience survey specifically for congenital heart services has been launched across England.


This survey is hosted online and designed to enable all patients – both adults and children – and their parents/carers to report on their experiences of care at specialist surgical (Level 1) centre. There are separate surveys for outpatients and inpatients as well as surveys specifically aimed at parents/carers, children and adults/teenagers.


The surveys have been developed through a number of interviews with patients and parents carers and is therefore designed to reflect the aspects of their care which were important to them. These survey enable patients’ experience of care to be reported in a consistent way across all centres in england.


The survey is being hosted by an independent organisation (MSB Consultancy) who will produce quarterly reports as well as a more detailed annual report for each centre. These reports will provide a valuable tool in enabling centres to better understand and respond to patients’ and parent/carers’ experience of care.


We would encourage all patients and/or parents/carers to complete a survey following any outpatient appointments or inpatient admissions by going to