Heartline Families’ Mission

Heartline Families’ Mission

Heartline Families is a charity which is made possible by the hard work and dedication of volunteers (from the newsletters, caravan holidays, wetsuits, to social media, informations guides, adventure holidays and so much more).

In addition to this, we do not make profit and, instead, reinvest all donations/funding back into HeartLine for the good of our families.

Time is given by our volunteers to make sure we can offer our benefits (i.e. Caravans, PGL, etc). The fees we charge for caravans are substantially lower than would be available by another provider – we do this so that families can afford a well-needed break.

We do not employ additional dedicated staff to clean caravans or administrate the bookings as this would result in a direct increase in cost to our families. For some, this would be the tipping point and mean they may not be able to afford a break.

In return for this, we ask our families to clean in between stays and look after the caravans and property within as if it were their own. We also ask parents to help where and when they can (i.e. to raise funds, help on PGL holidays, organise parties and promote our support).

Our volunteers and trustees are made up of mums and dads, heart parents, medical professionals and people who want to help Heartline reach the people who need us most and help in the best way we can.

We are in existence thanks to donations from and fundraising by YOU, our lovely families.

Please have a look around our site for more information about what we do and how we do it.