The Team

The Heartline Team:

  • Lauren keeps us in touch with all our Families and Stakeholders, without her we would never get any wetsuits ordered or delivered, joining packs sent out or Heart Children books and many other things arranged for our Heart Families.
  • Kevin Ford is our Interim Chair of Board of Trustees.
  • Val Thubbron leads family services for Heartline Families, in particular, the vital Forum Moderation and Management.
  • Natalie Persoglio is our Trustee in charge of marketing, PR and our quarterly Heartline Families’ newsletter. She is a marketing and communications specialist in arts and culture. She has previously worked in Local Government communications and as a journalist for numerous magazines and newspapers.
  • Jo Haughey is our trustee and heart parent who lives in Scotland and keeps us in touch with like-minded charities there.
  • Denise Hadow was the Heartline Treasurer for three years, and now concentrates on grant raising activities.
  • Jane Reap in our newest Trustee who has taken over as Heartline Treasurer.